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Argentina Investment Visa

Interested in doing business in Argentina or looking forward to make a potential investment? You are most likely to require a Business or Investment Visa. It comes under the temporary visa category and is issued by the National Directorate of Migration in Argentina.


    24 H Visa or Financier Visa- The visa is applicable for the individuals, who are involved in business or commercial, or economic negotiations. They can be the stakeholders or the legal persons who work on behalf of their companies. A person who comes to Argentina to participate in an exhibition or fair would also require this visa. The residency given in this case is temporary.


    • A valid Passport or travel document
    • Certificate of lack of criminal record both from Argentina and from the country where the applicant has lived for more than one year during the last three years. The applicant should be 16 years or above for this.
    • An affidavit of lack of criminal record in other countries. It would be required, at the time of filing the application of residency.
    • Four passport size color photograph, 4 cm by 4 cm with white background.
    • A copy of the domicile certificate.
    • An invitation letter signed before a notary which includes the registration number (RENURE) of the company inviting the financier in Argentina.
    • Certified documents relating to the existence of company or business such as articles of incorporation.
    • The applicant must be able to provide all the financial details regarding the inflow of funds into Argentina through the banks or financial institutions authorized by the country.
    • The financier should also be able to prove that he has sufficient funds to meet the requirements of his family and himself.
    • The applicant should have a minimum of $8,000 pesos in order to apply for temporary residency as a Financier in Argentina.
    • Required Visa fees

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