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Argentina Student Visa

Are you looking forward to study in Argentina? Apart from the beautiful cities, Argentina also has excellent schools for your career. Argentina Student Visa comes under the temporary visa category and is valid for shorter duration, unless extended. It is issued by the National Directorate of Migration in Argentina.

Entry Requirements

If you are a resident of a MERCOSUR country, then you don’t need a visa to enter Argentina. However, you will require an official letter of enrollment from the recognized school in Argentina. On the other hand, for Non-MERCOSUR residents, a tourist visa and an approval letter from the school is required to enter Argentina.

Argentina Student Visa

For students who wish to pursue their studies in Argentina, a specific category of temporary visa is required.

23 J Visa- It is applicable for students who wish to enter the country for secondary, tertiary, university or specialized courses. The students can be from regular public or private colleges that are officially recognized.

Documents Required

  • A valid Passport or travel document
  • Over 16 years- For applicants who are above 16 years of age, a duly apostilled certificate of no criminal record is required from the country where the applicant has lived for more than one year during the last three years.
  • Four passport size color photograph, 4 cm by 4 cm with white background.
  • A registration certificate issued by the school or college in Argentina.
  • A copy of educational certificates of the student.
  • Registration Number of the school or college in Argentina (RENURE)
  • A copy of the domicile certificate.
  • Required Visa fees
  • In case of students, who are under 18 years of age, an authorization letter from the parent is required to be submitted at the time of registering for the NIC (National Identity Card) along with the copy of birth certificate, duly apostilled.

The Student Visa once issued is valid for 6 months to one year. The tenure can be extended depending on the jurisdiction of Argentine consular.

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