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Brazil Business Visa

This visa type is rather similar to a tourist visa, with the only difference being that it covers trips on business purposes. As such, an applicant is required to have a filled form from their company indicating the length and purpose of the business trip.

Whether you require a business or tourist visa will depend on your country’s agreement with Brazil. For those who do not require a visa of any type are required to tick an appropriate box while filling an entry/departure application form known as Carto de Entrada/Saidaindicating whether it is for tourism or business.

Take note that immigration officials at some point may ask you to show proof of return ticket and sufficient funds for the visit period, regardless of your nationality. Therefore have them ready with you.
Both business visa and tourist visa allow a stay period of 90 days and multiple entries. You are allowed only a single extension, but total duration should not be more than 180 days within a period of 12 months starting from your Brazil entry time.

To make an extension application for either business or tourist visas, you are required to visit the Federal Police (Policia Federal) offices where you will be required to show proof of funds for the extension and a return ticket.

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