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Brazil Investment Visa

Many foreign investors are coming to Brazil because it offers so many business opportunities. Brazil is considered as the sixth largest economy in the world and the third largest food exporter. All foreign investors in Brazil can have 100% ownership of the land and property. If you want to become an investor in this country, you can apply for a Brazil investment visa and permanent residency.
01What is Brazil Investment Visa?

An investment visa allows foreigners to work and live in Brazil just like an ordinary Brazilian citizen. However, it does not entitle you to vote or have political rights in Brazil. The investor is allowed to bring his or her family and the minimum stay is one entrance to the country every other two years. Foreign investors are also eligible for a permanent visa, which will allow you to stay in the country indefinitely.

02Important Things to Know During the Visa Application

In order to facilitate your investment visa, you should have an active bank account in Brazil. The next step is to send your investment money to your Brazil bank account. This should be recognized as your foreign direct investment that will allow you to send your investment money to the bank account. Now that you have transferred your funds to a Brazilian bank account, you can start with the application of your Brazil investment visa. You have to submit your application to the Ministry of Labour of Brazil. Once your application is approved by the ministry, you can now get your investor visa at the Brazilian Consulate.

03How Can You Get Your Investment Visa?

VisaConcept is your best partner, which provides full assistance for your Brazil investment visa application. VisaConcept is registered in US and Brazil and our main purpose is to serve immigrants who want to relocate to Brazil or any other South American countries. We can help you with your investment immigrant visa processing and other types of visa applications. Source:

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