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Brazil Spouse Visa


Many foreigners are dreaming of visiting the land of carnival and long hot summers. For many people, Brazil is a perfect country for living, working and having a family. Besides the working visa or tourist visa, you can get a spouse visa too.

Brazil Spouse Visa is a type of visa that you can get if you are married to a Brazilian citizen. Thus, with the spouse visa, you have an opportunity to apply for a permanent stay in this wonderful country. After your marriage, you should visit the Ministry of Justice or a Brazilian embassy and bring your application with all necessary documents.


After you go to the Ministry of Justice or a Brazilian embassy in the country that you are living at the moment, you need to share with them your marriage certificate and also a document with statements of your witnesses. These documents are the first proof that you are married and willing to live in Brazil. Then, you can prepare yourself for a visit of the immigration officials who will check if your marriage is valid and is not just a fictitious type of marriage, just to get a permanent Brazilian residence.

To get the necessary spouse visa, it takes around three years from the moment when you have presented the documents to the relevant institutions. Meanwhile, you will have an often visit and interviews with the Civil Police in Brazil, to make sure that the marriage is legitimate.
However, in order to get married in Brazil and your marriage to be legal, you and your partner should do the ceremony in the Civil Registry Office and bring 2 witnesses with you. The two witnesses should be at least 21 years old and have their Brazilian Citizenship by providing a legal Brazilian ID card and a C.P.F. (cadastro de pessoafisica). With this little procedure, you can be able to get married with (to) the partner that you love and apply for a permanent residency in this country.

For more additional information, you can use the services of and get your spouse visa in an easier and faster way. You just need to carefully follow all the steps for applying for this type of visa and to prepare your application with all necessary documents and papers.


To be with someone that you love after your wedding day is a goal of every partner. Spouse visa for Brazil will definitely give you that opportunity. After five years of your marriage, you can get your permanent visa for Brazil and be with the one that you love the most in your life. The process is long, but worth it after you get your Brazilian citizenship.

With the services and help of, you will have an opportunity to feel all this and much more. Just follow the given instructions and be prepared for a new life in Brazil.


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