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Brazil Student Visa

Many foreign investors are coming to Brazil because it offers so many business opportunities. Brazil is considered as the sixth largest economy in the world and the third largest food exporter. All foreign investors in Brazil can have 100% ownership of the land and property. If you want to become an investor in this country, you can apply for a Brazil investment visa and permanent residency.


    Whether you are going to Brazil for a cultural trip or for studies, you need to apply for a specific category of visa.


    The visa is valid for a period of two years unless extended, which is subjected to the discretion of the Brazilian consular. This visa category is specific for:

    • Scientists, professors, researchers, teachers or scientific mission members who do not receive remuneration from Brazil.
    • Trainees, athletes, technical service providers, and volunteers.
    • Students under the educational exchange program.
    • Those who need to receive training for machinery and equipment inBrazil.


    • An electronic visa application form, filled out through the website of the Brazilian consulate, printed and duly signed.
    • A Passport which is valid for six months
    • Photograph with white background
    • Proof of means of subsistence in Brazil. For students who do not have any scholarship, present proof of financial documents showing that they will be able to support themselves financially.
    • Candidate stage. It is an agreement between the student and the institution along with the approval from AIESEC or IAEST.
    • Proof of Residence in Brazil
    • A certificate of no criminal record
    • A copy of travel ticket
    • A copy of health insurance and personal accident policy
    • Required Consular fees
    • In case of minors, an authorization letter for visa issuance for minors should be signed and notarized by both the parents. Along with this, the birth certificate of minor, photo ID of parents/ guardians and health insurance policy of the minor should be submitted.

    Once the student visa is granted, the applicant has three months of time to enter Brazil. After entering the country, the applicant needs to register himself with the city Department of Federal Police within 30 days.

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