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Colombia Business Visa

This visa is locally known asNegocios and includes businesses related to foreign trade, management and infrastructure. It is issued to executive workers of high rankings representing multi-national and foreign companies that have aims of establishing business ties with the country. This is regardless of whether the companies are opening a new branch or just exchanging services. The aim of these visas is creation of business deals and links within a short time frame.

Letter from an employer indicating the intention of employee is essential and need to have a Spanish translation.

The time of processing this visa type vary according to the Consulate that you made your applications at.

Basically, there are 4 different types of this visa. When making your applications, just ensure you are applying for the appropriate one. VisaConcept explains each type so you can get right the first time you make the application.

NE1 – this is suited for those who want to enter Colombia to conduct business, manage business, promote economic exchange, create business or invest.

NE2 – it is for those who wish to enter Colombia as business persons on a temporary basis for infrastructure in Colombia, including partnership, free trade agreements, advancing business, promoting business, establishing a company’s commercial presence, promote cross border trade among other such activities.

NE3 – this visa is for foreigners coming in as government officials interested in promotion of commercial and economic exchange in or with the country.

NE4 – it is for foreigners entering Colombia as a president or a multi-national company’s senior executive coming to invest or create business.

A Colombian business visa has a validity period of 3 years maximum. It allows you multiple entries of at most 6 months at a go. It however does not give the holder any rights to reside in the country. Renewal can be done for a period of 2 years maximum with regard to the job contract evaluation.

For you to obtain a business visa, the following are the requirements:

  • A filled out application form DP-FO-67.
  • 3 passport sized photos.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Letter from your employer that includes the period of time you have worked in the company, aim and length of your trip and your current job position. The letter must also include a responsibility declaration to cover the trip’s expenses plus their return, as required by the Colombian government.
  • Certificate of incorporation or the company’s legal representation document.
  • A letter from Colombian organization receiving the employee, with signature and date.

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