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Colombia Family Reunion Visa

The Family Reunion Visa is issued to the foreign nationals who wish to enter the Colombian territory and reside in it. The visa is granted to foreign nationals who can establish their relationship to the Colombian national such as spouse, child, or parents.


    • a.When one of the parents of the applicants is Colombian national
    • b.When both the parents of the applicants are foreign national and the child is born to the couple with a resident visa
    • c.When the applicant is adopted by the Colombian national and the applicant has renounced his/her nationality
    • d.Married to a Colombian nationals


      • 1.Copy of the first page of the current passport with all relevant identity information.
      • 2.Copy of the page where the stamp of your last entry or exit in Colombia is present.
      • 3.Copy of the Colombian visa issued before without the lecture code (OCR).
      • 4.An official power of attorney in the name of the third person, if the third person is involved in the visa process on your behalf.
      • 5.When one of the parents of the child is Colombian national, an authentic copy of birth certificate from the Colombian Civil Birth Registry along with application letter confirming the child support obligations in case the child is minor.
      • 6.Marriage certificate of the spouse from the Colombian Civil Registry for marriage.
      • 7.In the case of a death of the Colombian national or dissolution of the marriage who is the father/mother to the child, the foreign father/mother has to submit death certificate or letter from Colombian family authority stating that the foreign parent will fulfill the child support obligations.
      • 8.Legal adoption paper of the child from the Colombian Civil Birth Registry, which can be used by the applicant to establish his/her relationship to the child for the family reunion visa process.
      • 9.A letter of renouncement of nationality if the foreign national has renounced his nationality.

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