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Colombia Medical Visa

The Medical visa (TP-7) is issued to foreign nationals traveling to a Colombian territory temporarily for medical treatments. The applicant must comply with all the conditions of a medical visa to seek the medical treatment in Colombia. Generally, the medical visa is granted to individuals suffering from an ailment or disease, which cannot be treated in their home country or better options for treatments are available in Colombia.


    Being an intending immigrant, you must pass some legal qualifications by stating:

    • 1.The purpose of your trip to Colombia is for a temporary visit, which is for medical treatment.
    • 2.Your plan of staying in the country for a limited period of time or your travel itinerary.
    • 3.Evidence of funds to cover your medical expenses in Colombia.
    • 4.Your residence is outside Colombia and you have other binding economic or social ties to ensure that you will return to the home country after your medical treatment.


      • 1.Copy of the first page of the current passport with all relevant identity information
      • 2.Copy of the page where the stamp of your last entry or exit in Colombia is present
      • 3.Copy of the Colombian visa issued before without the lecture code (OCR)
      • 4.An official power of attorney in the name of the third person, if the third person is involved in the visa process on your behalf
      • 5.A medical letter from your home country or local physician or doctor identifying the nature of your ailment or disease, and the reason why you require treatment in Colombia
      • 6.A medical letter from a physician or legally capable medical facility on an official letterhead in Colombia expressing the willingness to treat your disease or ailment with projected length and cost of the treatment
      • 7.Fill out the online application form or by visiting the visa issuing office.

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