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Colombia Student Visa

All foreign nationals wishing to enter the Colombian territory to engage in an academic program with or without grant in a certified educational or formation center, or on account of an exchange program or internship are granted with a student visa (TP-3).


    • 1.Copy of the first page of the current passport with all relevant identity information
    • 2.Copy of the page where the stamp of your last entry or exit in Colombia is present
    • 3.Copy of the Colombian visa issued before without the lecture code (OCR)
    • 4.An official power of attorney in the name of the third person, if the third person is involved in the visa process on your behalf.
    • 5.Letter from the applicant or the person taking responsibility for financial arrangement for the applicant along with bank statements, showing average amount of the past 6 months. The account should have more than 10 monthly minimum legal salaries
    • 6.Copy of the enrollment certificate or admissions confirmation issued by the educational institution
    • 7.Copy of letter of acceptance where it clearly references the agreement between sponsor institution and academic institution in case of an exchange program
    • 8.A copy of document issued by the educational institution that accredits requirement of internship or training program during the student-intern program.
    • 9.A copy of the document certifying scholarship for the applicant by the international organization, public or private organization.
    • 10.A copy of the document issued by an educational institution proving the hour intensity is of a minimum of 10 weekly hours. This is necessary in the case of studies different than high school, elementary school, technical or higher education such as undergraduate, graduate, master's, doctorate or other certificate programs.
    • 11.If the applicant is minor, then the copy of the power of attorney subscribed by the parents designating a tutor or legal guardian during the student’s stay in the country is required.

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