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Colombia Work Visa

If your dream is to work and live in Colombia, you should consider getting a Colombian work visa. With this type of visa, you will be able to pursue your career goals and dreams. You should be ready to handle many bureaucratic procedures and collect all necessary documents and additional papers.


    First of all, if you are applying for work visa outside Colombia, you should visit the Colombian embassy or visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country and find out where they have office for visa applications. After that, you should consider what type of work visais the best for you and your work. There are two types such as TP-7 visa and TP-4 visa.

    Also, you need to have a signed contract with the company that offered you a job in Colombia. Then, you should present an authorized letter from your workplace that allowed you to work in this country. Make sure that you will have a Certificado de Camara de Comercio for your work and a photocopy of your valid passport and all pages where there is a Colombian stamp.

    If you have any diplomas or certificates from your field, you should also present them as proof that you are qualified for that specific field. Usually, the work visa should be paid, so follow a guide on how to do the payment and upload all necessary documents. This type of visa is not so expensive and everyone who wants to work in Colombia can afford it.

    You can take your documents to the nearest Colombian Consulate or to the DAS, also known as the Colombian immigration institution. When you apply for the visa, you have three options: approved or approbada, denied or negada and a request for more additional documents.


      Colombia is a great place to work and live. There are many possibilities and job opportunities that you can take here and build a successful career. Plus, the costs for this type of visa are not so high and it will pay off in the nearest future. Make sure that payment for this visa will be made either at Servibanca ATMs or any branch of a GNB Sudameris Bank. In case you are applying from abroad, the payment is different in any country.

      Maybe the process for applying it seems a hard thing to do, but is definitely worth it. Once you visit this wonderful country, you will definitely want to stay and build your future. Keep in mind that when you apply, there is a 30-day deadline to amend errors on a visa. In case the error is not corrected on time, you should reapply for a new visa.

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