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Dear traveler, travelling is among the things in life that naturally give rise to multiple concerns, queries, and doubts so we are here to give you the answers you seek and put your mind at rest.

At, we not only ensure that you get to your South American destination safely, but we also answer the most common queries that most travelers have. So, before contacting our support team for frequently asked questions, simply check out our FAQs guide first. But if you would prefer talking to our customer support team and getting your answers directly from us, we are glad to assist. As for the common questions, such as “How much will it cost me?”, “What can I do about a visa?” and many such others, here is our FAQ guide.

About Travel destinations

011. Which destinations in South America can I get assistance to travel to with VisaConcept?

At the moment VisaConcept offers immigration services to travelers visiting Argentina Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay. However, in the near future, you will be able to travel to several other Latin American countries with VisaConcept. Just keep on visiting our page the updates(“for any updates” would be better). As for those who receive our newsletters, we will give you the updates as soon as they happen. We therefore recommend that you sign up for (to, not for) our newsletter.

022. Do you offer assistance to travelers from all over the world or (are) there are specific countries?

As you may have read from our homepage, we mainly specialize with citizens from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern parts of the world. This means that if you are coming from any of these regions we will be able to make your travel to South America much easier.

033. Is there an age restriction for travelers?

There are definitely no age limits for travelers seeking immigration assistance from VisaConcept. However, as a requirement from the South American countries, there are different age limits that if a person is younger than that will require authorization from their parents or guardians. Most countries require that travelers below 16 years of age should have authorization among other requirements. Please check our guide on the specific country you intend to visit.

044. Are there any special requirements for group travelers?

Nope! If you are travelling as a group such as a sports team, family or friends, each person will be treated individually. Even though some airlines may have special deals for group travelers, when entering any of the countries, everyone will be looked at individually.

Most of the travel questions are normally with airlines. But we tried our best to address some that may also reflect on issues concerning visa and permits. If you feel that we have not addressed your questions well, or have questions that we have not addressed in this part, please contact us for more. Our support team will be glad to solve your queries to your satisfaction level.

Visa and passport Information

011. What is the best time to travel to South America?

There is no certain best time to travel to South America because the continent is large and the climates vary. This applies for (to, not for) the five countries that we offer immigration services for. For instance, Uruguay is to the Northwest while Paraguay is at the center closer with (to, not with) Brazil and Argentina. Your time is the best for you.

022. Is vaccination a must?

Vaccination is a necessary requirement and different countries have their own restrictions regarding it. Note that Yellow fever and several other diseases need vaccinations. Those diseases need a vaccination certificate and you may be requested to present one when returning to your home country. You are required to check with your immigration department as well as consulate or embassy for any restrictions on vaccinations. It is the sole responsibility of a traveler to ensure that they obtain the relevant vaccination certificates.

033. Does the five South American countries require visa for its immigrants?

Actually, different countries have their own policies on visa. As a traveler from the Middle East, Africa or Eastern parts such as Asia, visa is a requirement for almost all countries. However, travelers entering some countries for short stays not exceeding 90 days may be exempted from visa. Travelers on diplomatic or official visits may also be exempted from visas. Please check the requirements for the specific countries.

044. How can I find out about the visa requirements for my trip?

We have listed the visa requirements for each of the five South American countries. However, the visa requirements keep changing (and) are not fixed at all times. We therefore recommend that you check with your local embassy or consulate for the country you intend to visit. This way, you will be able to get the most up to date information about the requirements. If you do not have the time or (are) uncomfortable with the process do not worry, at (as) VisaConcept we will grant you the assistance you need.

Cash, Currency and Credit cards

011. Do I need to change my money to local currencies?

VisaConcept has no (not) heard about any currency restrictions in any of the five countries or even entire Latin American region. On entering any of the countries, you do not need to change to local currencies, but the most accepted currency is the US dollars. But for convenience when making purchases locally, you may want to exchange a few dollars for the local currencies.

022. Can I use my credit cards?

Many places accept the use of credit cards recognized worldwide. There are also several ATMs for international banks as well. Before departing, make sure that your ATM card will work in most of the ATM machines.

033. What is the best form of money to carry around?

For your own safety and security, VisaConcept advises that you do not carry all your liquid cash with you. If possible, use (or) carry credit cards at all times with only a little liquid cash. You can, as well, make withdrawals from ATMs only when you need the money.

044. How much money do I need to get entry?

All the five countries require that foreign nationals entering their countries be able to sustain their stay in the country. As such, you will need proof of financial support to get a visa in the first place. Your bank statement can be used or a letter from your host confirming that they will be responsible for your expenditures while in the country. For students, a letter of consent from the parents or guardian approved by the consulate will be required. If it is a scholarship, the host institution must present a statement to show their responsibility on you.