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Paraguay Investment Visa

An Investment visa is one of the best ways for all foreign nationals to get an immediate permanent residency in Paraguay. The country allows dual nationality and you can get the citizenship after living 3 years in Paraguay. The foreign national interested in getting an Investment visa must have a minimum investment of around $5,500 in Paraguay. The applicant has to deposit $5,500 in a Paraguay bank account and purchase agricultural land or real estate. The applicant can use the amount deposited in the bank account for transfer or withdrawal after the visa process.


    The applicant has to fulfill following requirements to get an Investor Visa:

    • 1.Identity card, passport and other documents relevant to identifying the person
    • 2.Birth certificate
    • 3.Criminal record certificate from their country of origin (from 14 years of age) or residence of the last 5 years in force
    • 4.Background certificate from 14 years of age (issued by the Department of the Information of the national police)
    • 5.Health certificate issued by an authorized doctor and approved by the health ministry (must be issued in Paraguay)
    • 6.Life and residence certificate (Must be issued in Paraguay)
    • 7.Marriage certificate, if applicable
    • 8.Two passport size color photo (2.5×2.5)
    • 9.Affidavit about the investment details (must be issued in Paraguay)
    • 10.Bank statements indicating the amount available in the applicant’s account (Must be issued in Paraguay)


    All the documents in foreign language except those issued in Paraguay must be translated into the Spanish languages by a certified translator. All the documents must be notarized and apostilled. If the applicant’s country does not issue apostilled documents, then all the documents can be validated at the consulate of Paraguay.


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