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Paraguay Medical Visa

Besides travel visa, spouse visa, student visa, work visa and permanent residency, there is a possibility to receive a medical visa for Paraguay. This is a type of visa, which will allow you to enter in this country and give you a temporary stay for medical reasons. Most people from around the world are using Paraguay medical visa to search for medical help in this country and maybe later, to apply for permanent residency or any other type of visa for Paraguay.


    The following documents are the most important things that you should focus on when you are applying for a Paraguay medical visa:

    • Original passport from your home country with a stamp and no less than 6 months validation from the moment when you enter in Paraguay;
    • A one blank passport page with the original stamp or stamps from the residence country;
    • Additional two photocopies of the first or second page of the passport with all personal information;
    • A document of a medical travel insurance;
    • Fill the online medical visa application for Paraguay;
    • Two recent 2 x 2 passport type photographs, should be in color and with a white background;
    • A copy of a driver license (if there is any);
    • A copy of a State ID;
    • A document from the doctor who has signed the treatment in Paraguay;
    • A copy of your medical card or valid documents (if there is any);
    • A signed permission from the public or private hospital that will accept the patient once he or she will pass the Paraguay border;


    Usually, after you will submit your application for a medical visa for Paraguay, you should wait for two to four weeks. This type of visa is issued for 90 days from the moment when you will enter Paraguay. If the medical treatment is still going on even after these 90 days, you should consult with your embassy and the Immigration department in Paraguay for additional information.

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