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Paraguay Pensioners Visa

Retirement visa and permits:

this is the better option for those with longer assignments in Paraguay and allows foreigners to continue staying in Paraguay for an indefinite period of time. Obtaining permanent residence in Paraguay is relatively easy, which makes it less complicated for you to obtain a Paraguayan passport.

Paraguay does not have so many requirements for its permanent residency permits like other countries in the Latin America. Foreign nationals are issued with permanent residence from the very start. It is upon you to decide whether you need a temporary or permanent residence permit. If you choose a permanent residence permit, the process takes only a few weeks to get over. Your physical presence is only required for a couple of days. The rest can be handled by VisaConcept. The process of initiating a permanent residence request can be done at your local Paraguayan Consulate in your country.

The requirements for both permanent and temporary residence visas are rather similar with no major difference. The requirements for obtaining a temporary/permanent residence permit in Paraguay include the following:

  • A valid passport–it should have a validity period of 2 years at least when submitting your application.
  • Permanent residence request form ¬– this is issued by the Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and should contain the signature of the requestor or legal representative.
  • 2 recent passport size photos – should be 2X2 inches, colored and with white background.
  • Certificate of criminal record – you are required to get this from your country’s police department or INTERPOL. It should be clean and issued from your address in the last 5 years with proper legalization. Children below 14 years are exempted from this requirement.
  • Certificate of Good Health issued by Health Authority and legalized by the Paraguayan Consular in your country. It should contain information about the applicant’s psychophysical status.
  • Birth certificate for minors or marriage certificate legalized duly.
  • A sworn affidavit as in the Migration laws of Paraguay.
  • Certificate accrediting the trade or activity to be done in the country. A Bachelor’s degree can also be used.
  • Economic solvency certificate duly legalized.
  • Visa reciprocity fee paid by money order or Bank draft to the Paraguayan embassy or consulate in your country. Note that company and personal checks are not allowed. The fees vary according to your nationality or the consulate under which the application was made. Check with the Paraguayan Consulate under your jurisdiction whether reciprocity fee is required.

For the temporary or permanent permit to be issued, the Consulate or Embassy in your country is required to request for an authorization from Paraguay’s Department of Immigration. Authorization is issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Visa application process

The Paraguayan visas and permits can be applied for from the Embassies and Consulates in your country. The processing times vary according to your nationality. But is looking for an expedite application, VisaConcept can assist you.

Reciprocity fees

This is a fee that is reciprocated by the Paraguayan government when their nationals visit other countries and charged to gain entry. If your country charges the Paraguayan nationals a fee for entry, the Paraguayan authority will impose a similar charge to counter the imposed fee on its citizens.

The amount varies according to nationalities. VisaConcept advises you to check with the Paraguayan consulate in your country for any reciprocity fee requirements. Citizens from Taiwan can be issued with visas on arrival in Paraguay at a charge of US$100.

Citizens from South Africa, Japan, Israel and South Korea do not require a visa to gain entry into Paraguay. As such no reciprocity fees are charged.

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