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Paraguay Student Visa

Students who are planning to continue their studies or master degree in Paraguay will need to apply for a Paraguay student visa. There are some requirements needed before you can proceed with the application at the Consulate. You would need a letter coming from the school, which states the reason why you are visiting the country. Numerous public universities and several private schools are readily available and most of them are good candidates for your education in Paraguay. Some of these schools offering education for foreign students can help in searching for accommodations or housing. Throughout the years, many foreign nationals are coming to Paraguay for educational purposes because of their higher standards in learning and better school establishments.


A Paraguay student visa allows a foreign national to immigrate in Paraguay on a temporary basis in order to continue or undertake a particular course in the country. The holder of the visa may also have the opportunity to work in Paraguay for financial support but only in a restricted manner and as long as they complete their course.


As mentioned above, you should have a letter of acceptance coming from the school, which says that you have been offered a full time course. You should also include the complete tuition fees and other payments you’ve made to the university.

If you are already a candidate for the student visa, you must be able to show proof that you have enough funds to finance your studies and support yourself in the country.

In terms of medical insurance, you would have to arrange it yourself and show documentary evidence. There should also be an intention to return to your own country after you have finished your course in Paraguay.


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