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Paraguay Tourist Visa

Paraguay is a country with rich social and political history as well as scenic views, and applying for a Paraguay tourist visa to explore the beautiful country is all worth the trouble.


    Traveling to Paraguay requires valid passport and visa.

    • The passport must be original, signed, and remains valid for the next six months after your stay. It is also important to leave at least one blank passport page for the visa stamps. The applicant is also required to submit two photo-copies of the passport page that contains the applicant’s personal information.
    • In getting a Paraguay tourist visa, the applicant must fill out and sign two application forms. He or she must submit the forms together with a separate copy.
    • The applicant must submit two front view passport type photos sized 2 x 2. The photos must be colored and should have plain white backdrop.
    • The visa applicant must also secure two copies for each document that he or she will submit, such as State ID, utility bill, and driver’s license. The documents must show the current address of the applicant.
    • There is also a need to present a computer generated itinerary of the applicant’s flight. The itinerary can be obtained from the travel agency or airline where the applicant bought the ticket. A passenger’s copy of the airline ticket can also be used.
    • A minor (18 years old or younger), who won’t be traveling with both (or either) parents or a legal guardian, must present a notarized consent letter signed by the parent/s (not accompanying the minor) or the legal guardian that has the absolute authority to inform the Paraguay Consulate to issue the Paraguay tourist visa to the particular minor. Two copies of the birth certificate of the child as well as the custody or guardianship agreement must be furnished.
    • The applicant must be able to present an evidence or proof that he or she has enough funds to support his or her stay in Paraguay. It could be the most recent bank statement, pay stubs, or traveler’s cheques.


    Single Entry Paraguay tourist visa is good for 90 days from the entry date. Individuals with Multiple Entry visa can go in and out of Paraguay for a total of 90 days stay, and it is valid from the visa’s issuance date up to the US passport’s expiration date.

    Citizens from Australia, Canada, Taiwan, New Zealand, and the United States of America may be given a 90-day visa upon arrival at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport and they need to pay a reciprocity fee. The offer is only good at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport.


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