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Before reading the terms and conditions contained therein, the following are things to note so you can fully comprehend all sorts of reference phrases used in this document.

Use of “we” or “us” on this Terms & Conditions document refers to VisaConcept as a company or entity.
Use of “this site” refers to

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VisaConcept does not give guarantee or warrant that your access to this site will be without interruptions of any type. You are also not warranted that the material contained in this site will be free from any errors, in terms of spelling, validity or any other type of error. VisaConcept reserves the right to make changes, remove, add or discontinue any promotions, features or services on this website.

VisaConcept also has the right to change the availability hours, device or software used to access the software without prior notification. But as soon as changes are made, we may let you know through our newsletters or through this website.


By using this site, you acknowledge that all the links that lead to third party websites is not an intention of VisaConcept to suggest or endorse any of the sites and their contents as safe or suitable. VisaConcept holds no responsibility or does not accept any liability for losses of any kind that may arise from the access of those sites or their contents. Before using any site linked to, you should take time to read their terms and conditions as well as privacy terms. VisaConcept is neither affiliated to nor responsible for the practices available in the liked sites and your usage of any of the sites is at your own risks.