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Uruguay Investment Visa

Uruguay attracts businessmen, retirees, and globetrotters for dual citizenship. There is no compulsion of investing in a business or buying some property to get residency status in Uruguay. However, a deposit of $6000 in a local bank in Uruguay and an annual income proof of $6000 fulfills the applicant’s requirements for residency in Uruguay.


    The definitive information on legal residencies by the National Immigration lays down the following requirements for shareholders, investors or businessmen applying for investment visa in Uruguay:

    • 1.Photo identity card or passport
    • 2.Birth certificate
    • 3.Health cards of the applicant identifying the health status
    • 4.Criminal record from the country of origin and last five years where the applicant lived
    • 5.Marriage certificate if applicable
    • 6.The investor must justify such quality, for example, if he/she owns a property, or invested in some business, the documents identifying the investment must be notarized and submitted
    • 7.Bank statements from a local bank in Uruguay displaying the amount deposited in the bank ($ 6000 in case of Investor visa)
    • 8.Monthly statement of income
    • 9.Statement of the source of income from an accountant certifying your legal investment or business activities

    Once all the relevant documents are submitted, the applicant will get temporary residence along with a Uruguayan identity card. After six months of getting temporary residence, the applicant becomes eligible for permanent residency in Uruguay and can apply for it. To get the permanent residency visa, the applicant needs to show the address of proof in the country (owned or leased property). You don’t have to stay in the country for the entire period, though you have to be present at the state office to receive your temporary and permanent residencies.


    All the foreign documents must be translated into the Spanish language. All the above-mentioned documents must be certified by the Uruguayan consulate.

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